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Randa el Hamouti
mixed media artist
In Need of Catharsis,
fiction film

-> Watch the full movie on NPO 3

A short poetic film in which Qetsiyah is confronted with a repressed trauma, resulting in the start of her emotional healing process.

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Manifest voor het Voelen


interactive video installation


A search for connection with each other and our anxiety disorder. Captured in video works, soundscapes and interactive works that come together in an installation.

Huilen is geen zwakte

2018 - on going


A search for expressing vulnerability among the youth, shaped into a short documentary "Mario" and series of (self) portraits.



In "Mario," I follow 24-year-old Mario. A boy who does everything in his power not to trigger his hidden emotions, let alone express them. I followed this boy with the aim of getting to know him by allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. 

61 days in Morocco


Schermafbeelding 2020-02-17 om 21.50.49.

A 61-day vacation in Morocco. The place where my family grew up. A place my parents call home, which is what I was trying to find during this trip. I captured this search in a photo series. 

Zij, de vrouw (z)onder de hoofddoek


My mother's life then and now. My mother immigrated with the family from Morocco to the Netherlands at the age of 16. In this documentary we look back at her past. I want to find out how my mother's past has shaped her into the woman she is today. This is a long-term project, and is still in production.


artist statement

As a mixed media artist, currently focussing on film, I position myself in the eternal search towards connection and healing, especially healing from deeprooted trauma. I am fascinated by our brain and the way it processes memory. Trauma and connecting through memories are recurring themes in my work. With a subjective poetic approach, I try to let the viewer come close to the characters (visible characters -physical- and invisible characters -sound-) within my work, usually portraying myself and my feelings. I allow myself to be vulnerable during the making of my work. Because if I, the person behind the work, don't allow myself to be vulnerable, why should the viewer? I believe that feeling, in every sense, is healing for us. I'm not so much trying to literally tell you something in the hope that it will arrive, but I'm trying to evoke emotions, to give the viewer a moment to acknowledge their vulnerability. My works always come from personal experiences, it is a starting point for me to become aware of my own traumas, the emotions attached to them and the influence they have on me. With my making, I explore the importance of acknowledging emotions and parts that need healing. With the intention that the taboo around expressing vulnerability disappears from our society.



fiction film                        dramaturg for The Camel's Back by Zep van Tienen,                                                        (in process)

fiction film                        1st AC for Radiant Screen by Ine Lamers,                                                                          (in process)

video installation              set photographer for A Medidation on Light by Sharon Harthoorn,                                  2021

photo installation             creative assistant for Into The Unknown by Sanne Antens,                                               2021

video work                        writer, sound design for Recharged by Zoe Jurriens,                                                         2019

photo installation             sound design for All we Are is All we Are by Mirthe Hamelink,                                         2019

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